How to Clean Your Phone Screen

How to Clean Your Phone Screen

Worried about viruses? Take a good look at your phone. While the easiest way to keep your phone screen clean is to always wash your hands before and after you use it, that's not always practical. Instead, we've rounded up several options you can use to stay as healthy as possible when using your phone.

Here are seven ways to clean any phone screen and keep it as germ-free as possible.

How to Clean Your Phone: Before You Get Started

Before you start, disconnect your phone from its charger or remove it from the wireless charging pad and turn it off. This will help you see just how dirty the screen is, and it'll also prevent you from accidentally calling someone or opening an app. Your phone doesn't know that you're just cleaning the screen instead of trying to open all the apps at once.

Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean Your Screen

Your first line of defense is a microfiber cloth. You've probably got a ton of these things lying around as they come with every screen protector, sunglasses or regular glasses you buy, or as swag at conferences. They were originally used for eyeglasses alone, but they come in handy for cleaning your smartphone screen too. You can also buy them from your local or online retailer if you don't have one.

  1. Place the microfiber cloth on the phone screen and gently move it in a horizontal or vertical direction repeatedly.
  2. For tough dirt or sticky spots, dampen a corner of the microfiber cloth with a bit of water (nothing else, just water!) and gently move it in a horizontal or vertical direction on your phone screen repeatedly until the dirt is gone.
  3. Use a dry or clean corner of the cloth to remove any excess moisture from the screen and give it a final once-over.

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