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Roku.com/link - Looking for roku activation code after purchasing Roku device. it is in your device. For activation you need to enter Roku code on roku.com/link and activate it.

Activate roku device from roku.com/link using roku activation code

  1. Insert Roku Device in your TV
  2. Your Roku device will download updated software
  3. After update, You will get activation code on your TV Screen. Here is a sample code : XS125
  4. After getting unique activation code , Type roku.com/link on your computer or mobile browser.
  5. On Page it will show "Please enter the link code displayed on your TV", enter Activation code in box " Link Code" and click Submit
  6. You may be asked to sign in. Login to roku account or create a new one
    • Create New Account
      1. Enter your details
      2. Choose your Payment Method
      3. Select your Channels
      4. You will not be charge fr selection, you only will be charged when you buy movie or signup for subscription
    • Sign in to existing account
      1. Enter your credentials - Email id and Password
      2. Verify your details
  7. You will be prompted your device is activated.

Roku streaming device is known for providing the best video experience for your devices. You can access 3000 plus channels with the help of roku. There are many types of roku device in which you can opt any. These devices work on easy interface and can be handled effortlessly.

How to Activate Roku Plus

To get Roku Plus subscription you need to choose plan at the time of selecting payment method. Connect your Roku device with TV, Click Get link code. type roku.com/link in computer browser and enter link code. Select Roku Plus.

Benefit of Roku Plus

Roku Plus delivers 4K and HDR video in a compact package for an affordable price. Its responses are lightning fast, its video quality as good as any streamer, and its remote can control your TVs volume and power.

Difference between roku and roku plus?

Roku provide limited and free chanels. the latest and premium episode are not available on Roku however on Roku plus you get 4K Videos with latest episode and all series you are looking for.

Roku troubleshooting

  • Why does my Roku streaming player restart every time I turn on my TV?
  • What is the red light on my Roku streaming player?
  • What safety precautions are recommended for my Roku streaming device?

contact for support to get help for these issues

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